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About Us


In January 2006, a small group broke away from the Imogene Theatre (we were known as ILT--Imogene Little Theatre) and selected the name Panhandle Community Theatre (PCT).

Our first production as PCT was Soulmate Central, which performed to sellout crowds four times at the Milton Women's Center. 

We've been performing at our current venue since May, 2011.


To entertain and educate community residents and area visitors of all ages and backgrounds by allowing them to participate in and experience the performing arts.  


Panhandle Community Theatre’s vision is one of growth: to enhance the creativity and quality of our performances, to experience growth in our membership, to expand our audience, to increase volunteerism, and to meet the needs of our audiences by staying in touch with the community’s desires. PCT has a clear vision of its membership, pursuing a program that ignites excitement, enhances our image, and promotes participation in the community.

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