Murder in Green Meadows
Written by Douglas Post
October 2017
Directed by Bob Monson 
AD Ginny Hinton
Milan Smith as Thomas Devereux
Jeremy Hosbein as Jeff Symons
Brittney Leist as Carolyn Symons
Black Box Theatre  September 2017
Just A Kiss
by Robin Pond
directed by Dean Hinton

EX Marks The Spot
by Pam Munson Steadman
directed by Jerry Valanzano

10,000 Cigarettes
by Alex Brown
directed by Mary Jane Dunlop

Gumbo Mumbo
by Barry Shuck
directed by Charles Pate

The Secret of Jarlsberg
by Arthur M. Jolly
directed by M.F. Loveless

Call of The Revolution
by Leonid Andreyev
adapted for the stage by Walter Wykes
directed by Milan Smith

Without The Weasel
by Dennis Jones
directed by M.F. Loveless

The Maltese Walter
by John Minigan
directed by Mary Jane Dunlop

She Takes The Dog, You Take The Cat
by Ron Frankel
directed by Charles Pate

The Mad Tea Party
by Bryan Taylor
Summer 2017
Directed by Dave Cook
Assistant Director Brittney Leist
The MOMologues
by Lisa Rafferty, Stephanie Cloutier & Sheila Eppolito
directed by Gail Ready
May 2017
The Zombie
by Tim Kelly
Directed by Joseph Perna
Assistant Director Mary Jane Dunlop
April 2017
Best Christmas Pageant Ever
By Barbara Robinson
Directed by Patty Barry
Asst Director Sylvia Love
December 2016
Wait Until Dark
By Frederick Knott
Directed By Ken Armitage
Asst Director Barbara Hamilton
October 2016
The Importance of Being Earnest
By Oscar Wilde
Directed by Dave Cook
July-August 2016
           "Little Princess"
                        December 2012
                 Directed by Lauren Sutton
      Pictured: Josh Simmons (L), Zoe Strahan
       “The Vaudeville Revue
                at the Imogene”
                 September 2012
 Directed by Lauren Sutton & Candy Culberson
  Pictured - Saraab Studios: L to R: Lydia, Sahdia, Marianna
                         "Steel Magnolias"    February 2012
                                            Directed by Candy Culberson 
                         Pictured L to R: Nelda Sorenson, Danielle Siler, Terry Henry
"The Dinner Party"    October 2011
                                Directed by Gail Ready        
                     Pictured: Lauren Sutton, Bob Monson
"Luxury Cruise"
Directed by Lauren Sutton
April 2011
Cast Photo L to R: Suzanne Haarala, Sylva Love, Candy Culberson, Barry Shuck,
Andrew Finkelstein, Nancy Sabol, Dave Cook, Jean Moses  
Bubba LIVE!
Directed by Mrya Shofner
February 2011
Pictured L to R: Nelda Sorenson, Jeremy Hosbein, Searra Steffen
"Soulmate Central"   February 2011
                                    Directed by Bob Monson
                        Pictured: Jen Godwin, Michael Fletcher
  "Haunted Theatre"    October 2010   Sealed
                    "Female Odd Couple"
                        August 2009
Pictured L to R: Barbara Hamilton, Gail Ready, Robin Tillery 
            "Once Upon A Wolf"
                       May 2009
      "On Golden Pond"
                 May 2009
                Pictured: Dave Cook
"The Importance of Being Earnest" July 2002                   
           Directed by Gina Dorman